Personal Debit Card

A Debit Card from Bank of Moundville gives you a faster, more economical, more convenient way to buy the products and services you need. That’s because it allows you to withdraw funds from your checking account without ever having to write a check. Use your card for purchases wherever MasterCard TM debit card is accepted.

  • Your Bank of Moundville Debit Card is not a credit card, so you don’t incur finance charges.
  • There’s no need to write a check and wait for approval. The money for your purchases comes directly out of your primary checking account at the time you spend it.
  • You can use your Bank of Moundville Debit Card at any ATM or wherever MasterCard TM debit cards are accepted including participating restaurants, department stores and online shopping!
  • Each transaction is detailed on your monthly checking account statement for easy tracking.
  • Your Debit Card gives you more security than cash or checks. You may limit your liability for unauthorized transactions made with your card. Just promptly notify the bank if your card is ever lost or stolen.